Compare the mood outside the abbey with the mood inside it in "The Masque of the Red Death."

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The mood outside the castellated abbey is dire, hostile, and terrifying as the countryside suffers from the deadly pestilence, which is a frightening disease that causes its victims to bleed from their face and experience painful seizures before dying in a half an hour. The Red Death is said to have decimated Prince Prospero's dominions and the nature of the plague has contributed to the grotesque, horrifying atmosphere. Outside of the abbey's walls, Prince Prospero's subjects are experiencing a hell on earth scenario, which emphasizes the atmosphere of gloom, despair, and fear.

The atmosphere inside the abbey's thick walls is much different from the desperate, horrifying mood of the surrounding countryside. Inside the castellated abbey, Prince Prospero has manufactured a pleasant, carefree atmosphere by inviting buffoons, ballet-dancers, musicians, and one thousand of his closest friends to engage in revelries. Prince Prospero has his abbey securely locked from both...

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