Paradise Lost Questions and Answers
by John Milton

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Compare Milton's paradise lost with the classical epic poems such as Aieneid, Iliad, Epic of Gilgamesh etc.

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There are many, many ways to contrast Paradise Lost with the other 3 epics of antiquity. The most striking difference is era; Paradise Lost is a 17th century epic poem, written in blank verse, which is a more modern method of phrasing meter. Of the other 3, The Iliad and Aeneid come from the same dactyllic family, while Gilgamesh is more antiquated in its verse. 

Other major differences include: 

1. Subject matter. Milton uses Bilbical texts and Christian backstories as his subject while the others use mythology and classical notions of heroes and war to build their epics. 

2. Format. Milton not only uses blank verse - a precurser to the more modern free verse - but ultilizes dual narratives: the revenge of Satan and the fall from grace by Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve's storyline in fact is quite modern in that it is not played out on the battlefield, but is a domestic, inward family epic, played out with mundane but symbolic actions that lead to the fall. 

3. Multiple interpretations. Unlike...

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