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Streets of Laredo is a wonderful piece of American literature that was written by Larry McMurtry. The novel features two characters, among others, named Lorena and Maria. Maria, a devoted mother, learns that a man is stalking her son. To do what she can to help the situation, she goes on an expedition from Mexico to Texas to warn her son about the danger he may be facing. Due to unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate events, Maria is forced to walk home to Mexico, a very long distance in cold weather. She knew she had to return home by any means necessary to protect her blind daughter and mentally-challenged, younger son.

It is important to understand some background information about Maria. She was raped when she was a child, and she has outlived four husbands and still has not lost her courage, determination, and hope. Despite all her suffering, she stays merciful, loving, and caring. Anyone in her position would have likely felt defeated or sad, but Maria persevered through all the setbacks and emerged stronger than ever.

Lorena also has those same qualities and characteristics. Lorena gathered her five children together and traveled to bring Pea, her husband, back. Lorena’s long and challenging journey is similar to Maria’s journey. It shows that Lorena, like Maria, is also courageous, determined, and hopeful, and the story generally paints these women as stronger than the men. Lorena is the one who tries to clean up the big mess that men have made in Streets of Laredo. Lorena, who learned to read, said she would rather read than listen to any man talk. She and Maria are fiercely independent, and Lorena shows the true value of being literate.

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