Compare the lives of Catherine and Cécile in Germinal by Émile Zola.

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In part two, chapter one of Germinal by Émile Zola we meet the Grégoires, a mine-owning family, and they are perhaps the most disconnected from the realities of mining of anyone in this novel. Their lives and livelihood depend on what is happening in the mines, but they are virtually clueless about miners or about the hardships they endure in order to make a profit for people like the Grégoires.

The estate is situated on thirty hectares of land. 

The orchard and kitchen garden especially were everywhere spoken of, being famous for the finest fruit and vegetables in the country. For the rest, there was no park, only a small wood. The avenue of old limes, a vault of foliage three hundred metres long, reaching from the gate to the porch, was one of the curiosities of this bare plain....

Everything about the house is luxurious, designed for the family's comfort, and in this household there is plenty of everything. "Provisions abounded, hanging from hooks or in cupboards." It is a warm,...

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