Compare the literary style of the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution. Explain why each was written in the style it did it affect people or did it? this is Research

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have always seen both documents as two complements to the equation of colonial freedom.  The Declaration of Independence is true to its name.  As a Declaration, it is comprised of rhetoric and language that is meant to galvanize the Colonists into action.  At a time when the Colonists were not certain about where to stand on the issue of freedom, Jefferson's work was written in the style of literary flair that outlined the case for freedom in an manner meant to inspire Colonists to the Patriots' cause.  The Constitution was written with a different intent in mind.  The rhetoric and flair for the dramatic that Jefferson featured was put aside for meticulous attention to detail and formal rules and procedures.  While Jefferson sought to motivate and present the case for freedom, the Framers' writing style of the Constitution was meant to preserve it and meant to protect it from being subverted by outside and internal forces.  The writing style in the Constitution, outside of the Preamble, is designed to explain laws, procedures, and protocol.  There is little in way of passion and rhetoric here, as much as legal definitions and codified practices.  This might be reflective of its purpose, just as Jefferson's writing sample is reflective of its.