Compare life before farming and after farming.

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When people began farming, they began to take an active role in adjusting the landscape and environment to suit their needs. Before agriculture, people hunted wild animals and gathered wild plants for food. This meant that they were at the whim of nature. People had to move from place to place depending on the availability of food.

When people began farming, they could stay in one place. They changed the environment to allow for this. This led them to build permanent homes, clear fields, and redirect water for irrigation. They even changed the animals and plants through domestication. People, in a sense, became the masters of their domain.

This did not mean that farmers were immune from natural events. In a sense, it made them even more vulnerable. Their hunter-gatherer ancestors could easily move when the seasons changed or food or water became scarce. Farmers had to find ways to weather these changes. If a drought was too severe or a pestilence came along, whole crops could be lost,...

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