Compare ideology and spin using a recent media example?Possible topics could be :- ·         De-classification of drugs ·         De-criminalisation of prostitution...

Compare ideology and spin using a recent media example?

Possible topics could be :-

·         De-classification of drugs

·         De-criminalisation of prostitution

·         War crimes commission – was the war illegal

·         Gary McKinnon hacking and mitigating circumstances

·         Meredith Kercher – US vs UK media reports

·         Binge drinking

·         Sheffield student de-facing the war memorial

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Among the many issues spinned and pushed by the media in the zeitgeist that we have created is the case of Gary McKinnon.

Here is a person who admits to have hacked for years NASA computers in search of extraterrestial life information, and who shut down the US Army, Air Force, Navy, and DoD. Admittedly, he called himself "SOLO" and teased the people who were trying  get him. And now, he is declaring that his human rights should be met and he should not face extradition to the US.

Now, the kicker is that a group of artists and other media groups in both the US and the UK are making a coalition in his DEFENSE. Sting and a thread of singers and artists are planning (if not already did) a benefit concert on HIS BEHALF, Pink Floyd wrote a song "Chicago-Change the World" on his behalf as well, and a number of people want to vouch his legal fees.

This man is now claiming he has Apsberger's which is indicative that he is looking for a way out. Yet, who has dared to really talk to the true and de-hyped media and face the facts that this man endangered the security of the entire country under a daze of pot, and that there is a clear indication that our Defense department is extremely vulnerable?

Instead, we downplay it to a concert, involve celebrities, and laugh it off as it the whole thing was a big joke.

That is a great example of how the hype can totally bring a country spiraling down.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the biggest examples of “media spin” with regard to the war came with the story about the capture and rescue of Private Jessica Lynch.  This was a big boon to the war cause because one of our soldiers was captured, but our US forces went in and saved the day as well as Private Lynch. What later came out was that the Iraqi forces had fled the hospital days earlier, and that the hospital had made some effort to return Private Lynch to American custody, but the ambulance was placed under attack and had to return to the hospital. Other inconsistencies came out with regard to the story such as abusive treatment in the hospital that was said to never have happened, the extent of her injuries which apparently involved nothing more than what was sustained in a vehicle crash, and etc. This story used spin to create a feeling of unity and patriotism for all Americans as this young American female soldier’s rescue was covered world wide.