Compare Helen and Jane from Jane Eyre by Bronte. Helen is a practical and open minded person but Jane is a tempered slightly rough person. Helen trust the God fully but Jane trust the God little. Helen believes life after death but Jane is little doubt about that. Helen is a sick person but Jane is a healthy person. Jane is narrow-minded and Helen is open-minded person. Helen's mother is dead but her father is alive and married another lady, but Jane niether have mother nor have father living.

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Helen and Jane become fast friends after they meet on the orphanage playground.  Jane has no friends, and Helen is absorbed in her book and attracts the attention of the younger Jane.  Helen is not destined to be Jane's friend for long, however, as she has a consumptive cough (we call it tuberculosis today). 

Jane and Helen are actually opposites during their short-lived friendship.  Helen is patient and forgiving and humble; she conducts herself in a moral and upright manner, even when she is treated unfairly or unkindly.  Jane is none of those things as a young girl, at least in part because of the events and treatment which sent her to the orphanage.

However, Jane does learn from her friend Helen and becomes much more like her as the story progresses.  Jane is still much more spirited (feisty, sassy) than Helen ever was, but over time she learns to be much more tolerant and forgiving of the flaws and foibles of others. By the end of the novel--and especially during her self-imposed exile from Mr. Rochester and Thornfield--Jane learns to be more like her dearest childhood friend.


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