Compare the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. 

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The main similarities between the French and Russian revolutions are social, political, and economic, and they all stem from the vastly stratified class structure present in both societies.

There was an overwhelming want in the proletariat class, as they were living in desperate need constantly. This led to great discontent with the ruling classes. Therefore, both lower class groups took to revolution. These are the social and economic similarities.

The conflicts, which started as protests and demonstrations, quickly turned violent, leading to the execution of many in the ruling classes. This violence was shared between the two, as beheading and poisoning were common.

Finally, when the revolutions ended, monarchical and elitist structures of politics were overthrown in favor of something more democratic, allowing the people, regardless of wealth or class, to have a say in who led the nation. These are the political similarities between the two...

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