Compare and contrast the way of thinking of Hanna and Michael in The Reader.

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One example of the different way of thinking evidenced between Hanna and the narrator is in Chapter Eight, when the narrator tells Hanna how much his school work has suffered because of his illness and now the time he is spending with her. For him, he sees no point and talks about how he would "have to work like a lunatic" in order to pass the year and he tells us as the audience that he would much rather spend the time in bed with Hanna. Note how Hanna's different way of thinking is demonstrated through her response:

"Out." She threw back the blanket. "Get out of my bed. And if you don't want to do your work, don't come back. Your work is idiotic? Idiotic? What do you think selling and punching tickets is"

For Hanna, Michael's school work is incredibly important in order to secure him a future that is not demeaning and ensure that he does not have to work in a job which he hates and does not find fulfilling. For her, this is more important than their temporary relationship, and she insists that Michael carry on with his school work if he wants to continue the relationship. Michael begrudgingly agrees, but he does not see it like this and obviously has a very different understanding of what is important.

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