Compare and contrast the view of nature presented in"Hawk Roosting" with the view in "The Windhover"

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Very differing views of nature are presented in the two poems "The Windhover" and "Hawk Roosting." In the first poem, the poet luxuriates in and glorifies the magnificence of nature as it is given to us as a gift from God. In that sense, Nature glorifies  and is testament to the power and love of its creator. So in this, we have a deeply spiritual poem. Conversely, "Hawk Roosting" luxuriates in the power of nature for its own sake, an existential triumph. The hawk is a finely-tuned killing machine with nothing above it in  it's food chain except man. No only does it fly high in terms of sky and altitude but also in terms of success, of being a winner. The hawk's supremacy is complete and it knows no need to question, to have scruples or to demur. It kills because it has to, it wants to ,and it can - so easily.

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