Compare and contrast Victor and the monster in Frankenstein.

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Initially, one might expect Victor and his creation to be foils. Victor is a normal human being and the creature is decidedly not. Popular culture also often features the creature as a mute incapable of speech or sophisticated reasoning. However, Shelley creates plenty of parallels between the creator and the created in her novel, raising questions as to which one of the two is truly the monster.

Firstly, both Victor and the creature are intelligent. Victor is a scientist able to animate a dead mass of body parts, and the creature is able to pick up reading and philosophy quite quickly. Secondly, both are capable of great cruelty. Victor leaves his creation to die while the creature is willing to murder innocent people to get revenge upon Victor.

Most significantly, both experience loneliness: the creature is isolated from humanity as a result of his grotesque looks and even denied a bride, while Victor's family and friends either die or are killed by his creation, leaving him with nothing...

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