Compare OR contrast two works below and how they use ONE technique to create the tone.  Choose two works below: The Original: "The Charge of...

Compare OR contrast two works below and how they use ONE technique to create the tone. 

Choose two works below:

The Original: "The Charge of the Light Brigade" poem ( colour movie) (reading of poem) ( Mr. Peabody cartoon) ( black and white movie) (slideshow) ( Iron Maiden song)

Choose one technique used to create tone in both works:




Figurative languages

Type of shot





Some requirements:

- talk about only one tone

- talk about only one technique used

- Around 150 words

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

SOUND--comparison with slideshow 

Composer Gioachino Rossini's William Tell Overture, specifically, the The Finale, often referred to as the "March of the Swiss Soldiers," has been parodied in such things as the opening to old television show of The Lone Ranger, but it is a lively piece which initially imitates the galloping of horses and the beating of the desperate cavalry soldiers and, thus, is appropriate for videos or poems with this running of horses. 

The satiric slideshow, from the link above, which comments on the insanity of this virtual suicide mission by the British against the Russian artillery during the Crimean War renders itself appropriate to the poem in precision and sound with the galloping music and the timpani which mimics the fusillade, as well as in the underlying message of Tennyson who, while acknowledging the insanity of war, also lauds the heroic behavior of the soldiers. In a similar rhythm, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" is written in dactylic di-meter; that is, there are paired stressed syllables in the beginning and the middle of the line, each followed by one unstressed syllable. These are fast-moving lines that match the Presto tempo of the overture. This is what is sometimes called "a heartbeat rhythm," and is appropriate for the rush of emotion which surely ran through the cavalry, especially the officers who realized "Someone had blundered." Thus, the sound of Tennyson's poem as well as the use of Rossini's overture convey the tension and the danger of tone.

saru1 | Student


the charge of the light brigade is a war poem which was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. when we see about this poem Tennyson used many literary devices to stress out the them. in that case images take main part. Auditory images and Visual images are used here. 

                                             Half a league, half a league,
                                             Half a league onward,
                                             All in the valley of Death
                                             Rode the six hundred.
                                            "Forward, the Light Brigade!
                                            "Charge for the guns!" he said:
                                            into the valley of Death
                                            Rode the six hundred.

through these lines we can identify how the auditory images are stresses the theme. by the words "valley of death" poet brings out the situation of war front. in the third  stanza writer says about the cannons and their weapons, in that time also writer uses the auditory images. through all these images writer brings out the tone of war. here their is no any talk about the futile of war as well as the wastage of   war. only one tone of this poem is courage and the bravery  of light armed soldiers. I suppose to vindicate that  Tennyson convey the tension and the danger of tone. 

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