Compare and contrast the three major categories of hormones, providing an example of their function in each category.

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The three groups of hormones are steroid hormones, peptide hormones, amino acide derivatives.

The chemical structure of hormones groups them into these three groups, hence, while some of them are fat-soluble, others are water - soluble.

The water-soluble hormones (amino acide derivatives) can travel alone in the blood, while the fat-soluble hormones (steroids) can travel in the blood only if they are attached to a carrier protein.

Some conclusive differences could be easily observed between steroids and peptides, hence, while the half life of peptides is measured in minutes, the half life of steroids is measured in days.

The peptides cannot  enter cells while steroids can diffuse through the membrane of the cell becuase they are lipid soluble.

Adipose tissues can contain accumulations of steroids but they cannot contain accumulation of peptides.