Compare and contrast three different forms of governments.

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There are various forms of government, but political philosophers have often looked at monarchies, oligarchies, and democracies. Neither of the three governments are inherently good or bad. All of the governments govern people through laws. Governments also punish people for breaking these laws. Governments exist to govern the people living within a region and a government can go to war to add to its territory or to defend itself from another government. Aside from these basic similarities, these governments can vary.

A monarchy is ruled by one person. The person can either be male or female. In the past, monarchs have had more power than the current constitutional monarchs do today. A traditional monarch makes laws and administers them according to his or her will. There is usually a line of succession for a monarch to transfer power. Monarchies can be swift to act since there is only one person deciding everything for the country; however, if the person is inept or corrupt, then it...

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