Compare and contrast the themes of 'love must not be forgotten' and 'sunday in the park'

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Love Must Not Be Forgotten by Zhang Jie posts the concepts of "what is really true love" and "why do people get married".  She was one of the first Chinese writers to post these ideas within her culture during the Post-Maoist time frame. Writing about a woman's writing with references to female sexuality, gender issues, and Western contact were all popular devices used during this time frame.  Her writing can be seen as the representation of the "Roots" and "Wound" movement in Post-Maoist literature. 

Although it was written decades ago, Bel Kaufman’s Sunday in the Park remains just as relevant today, if not more so, to what it means to be a man. Her story centers on a family enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the park and is told predominantly from the wife’s perspective. It is story that also studies the idea of apathy and cowardice.  The father in the story gets cut down by his wife by her using the same line as the bully in the park. 

Both stories use the idea of gender and marriage but in a different definition. 

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