Compare and contrast structures used by insects, fish, birds and mammals to produce sound. Hi, this is a science question i'm supposed to answer. I don't really understand what they mean- is it asking for how each of them produce sounds? Such as some insects physically use their body eg legs. Is this correct, and could I have some further ideas towards it? Thankyou

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Insects make sound in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, they use their appendages to make sounds. They do this mechanically. Crickets use a method called stridulation. Stridulation is sound made by rubbing body parts together. Cicadas make noise in a different way. They have special modifications in their musculature that allow them to be very loud.

Most fish are not capable of making sound but there are some. The Midshipman fish is capable of making noise by using sound producing muscles that are attached to their swim bladder.

Birds make sound using an organ called syrinx. The syrinx is a set muscles . They are located where the bronchial tubes meet the trachea. There is an air sac next to this organ that builds pressure in the syrinx. It is very small but very efficient in making noise.

Mammals make noise by using the vocal cords. Vocal cords are mucous membranes that stretch across the larynx.

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