Compare and contrast the works The Kite Runner and Number the Stars.Use details from the stories to support your ideas.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think you will get the entire paper here.  Rather, you might get some starting points for analysis and thought about what you could pull from in terms of comparing both of the works.  The surface difference that exists between both works is the time frames of each.  Hosseini's work takes place in Afghanistan within the last two to three decades, while Lowry's work takes place at the height of the Nazi Occupation of Europe.  The gender of the protagonists also differ, with boys in Afghanistan and girls in Europe.  Yet, the overriding theme in both is the theme of friendship.  While there were differences between Amir and Hassan, there was a strong friendship there that even geography nor time could rupture.  Amir recognizes what must be done in recognition of his friend, who turns out to be his brother, and his rescue of Sohrab, his nephew, proves this.  In much the same way, Annemarie stands up for what is right and joins the resistance, though it risks great cost to herself.  She stands up for Ellen and her family.  In both works, we see protagonists forced to assume and establish a moral structure in a world where morality has disappeared.  The role of individual action in a world that seeks to dis-empower the individual stunningly powerful in both works.

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