Compare and contrast spiders and lizards.

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Spiders and lizards can live anywhere on the planet. The only exception is mountaintops or an extremely cold region such as Antarctica. They mostly prefer habitats with dense vegetation—for example, jungles and forests.

Spiders and lizards eat small insects and their kind.

Some spider and lizard species are territorial. For example, the male black widow spider marks its territory by surrounding the female's web with its silk. The male's silk strand is supposed to chase away other males. As for the lizard species, the green anole is very territorial. It will mark its territory by assertion and challenge displays.


Spiders are warm-blooded and regulate their body temperature. They are not affected by the outside temperature and remain active throughout the day. On the other hand, lizards are cold-blooded and depend on the environment to control their body temperature. Most lizards are active during the daytime when the outside temperatures are a bit warm and conducive.

All spiders lay eggs, while some lizard species, such as Jackson's chameleon and Phrynocephalus, give birth to a live young one.

A lizard has only two eyes capable of forming images, while a spider can have as many as twelve eyes.

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