Compare and contrast Sojourner Truth’s “Woman’s Rights” to Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s “Woman’s Political Future.” Focus on the tone of each speaker in each piece, the underlying themes, and their views on women, men, the family, and the future.

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One problem we encounter in comparing these two speeches is that the record of Sojourner Truth's speech is disputed. There are two speeches on the record. One was written and recalled by Marcus Robinson, an anti-slavery journalist, editor, and personal friend of Sojourner Truth. It was recalled and written down in the June 1851 edition of Anti-Slavery Bulge. A second version was recalled by abolitionist and suffragette Frances Dana Barker Gage in 1863, over a decade after the speech was originally given. For the purposes of this analysis, I will be referring to the speech as written and recalled by Marcus Robinson.

Both Truth and Harper were influenced by the temperance movement. The temperance movement was primarily about the prohibition of alcohol, but the movement also advocated for woman's suffrage, conservative family values, and moral uplift in an increasingly industrialized age. Both Truth and Harper emphasized that having women more...

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