Compare and contrast the social criticism of Goldsmith and Swift. What similar issues do we face today?

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This appears to be a description of a fairly long paper. Your key to completing it successfully will be to discover two issues that are addressed by the very different works by Swift and Goldsmith. One possible is looking at the effects of income on marriage.

One issue very much in the new today in income inequality. Swift, in his satire, "A Modest Proposal", is concerned with the extremely poverty of the Irish Catholics, and in particular, their inability to provide food for their children. A good starting point for thinking about marriage and child poverty in current society is:

Goldsmith addresses the effect of income on marriage at a different end of the social spectrum, but his satire still has relevance in countries such as India where arranged marriages prevail and it is difficult for young people to marry those of different castes or economic backgrounds due to parental pressure. A good article on this subject is:

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