Compare and contrast Sherlock character in the movie of 2010 and the one we read about in the book.

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The 2009 film version of the Sherlock Holmes character (starring Robert Downey Jr.) features a far younger version than the Holmes character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyles stories and in previous cinematic reincarnations. However, the recent film version is actually spot on with the traditional Holmes character. Although previous film versions have downplayed many characteristics used in abundance in the Downey film, the writer of the recent movie have done their homework. Holmes was an expert at bare-knuckle fighting, sword play and "singlestick;" additionally, he flings his arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty, to his death while engaging in a martial arts struggle. Although the Downey rendition appears to have a very modern feel at first glimpse, he actually fits the Holmes mold (albeit a younger one) to a tee.

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