Compare and contrast the Russian and French revolutions.

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Despite the French Revolution occurring over a century before the Russian one, in many ways it took place in a far more advanced political and economic system. While Russia in the late nineteenth century consisted of a small nobility and large population of serfs, with only a small middle class, and a limited agricultural economy, France had a substantial class of educated bourgeois and a far more diverse economy and better educational and administrative system.

The French revolution was essentially a capitalist and democratic one, while the Russian one was communistic and authoritarian. The French, after a relatively brief period of instability, had the necessary educational and economic base to transform their nation into a successful modern state, a condition that continues to elude Russia.

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The French Revolution was a social and political upheal in France between the years of 1789 to 1799. Not only did it have a major impact on France but the rest of Europe as well. The monarchy that had ruled France for the past number of centuries collapsed within three years of the Revolution. The French society underwent a feudal, aristocratic, and relligious change as the radical left-wing politicians were torn down. Principles of the Enlightenment replaced monarcy, aristocracy, and religious authority. These were replaced with principles of equality, citizenship, and inaleniable rights.

Whereas the French Revolution was an overthrow of the monarchy that the French had been ruled under for centuries, Russian Revolution was an overthrow by conspirators and Bolsheviks. The earlier Revolution in 1905 in Russia triggered the peasants in the Baltic to also revolt against thie Tsar. The 1917 Revolution was a bloody communistic revolution where workers rebelled against the aristocracy, whereas the French Revolution had the support of the bourgeouis and was for Enlightenment ideals about liberty and equality.

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