Compare and contrast the roles played by women who remained at home in the north and south during the civil war. . And explain the actions and activities of women in the north and the south helped their side in the war effort.

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Women in both the North and South played active parts in the war; primarily to tend to the home while the man of the house was away at war. They were the school teachers, farmers, store keepers, and plant workers; all jobs performed by men before the war. Women on both sides were actively involved as nurses as well as in sewing uniforms and raising money and supplies for the troops.

Among the more famous women who participated on the Northern side were Dorothea Dix who served as a nurse and later was prominent in the campaign for reform of the treatment of the mentally ill; and Clara Barton, who was the first Superintendent of Women Nurses and later was instrumental in founding the American Red Cross.  A rather sad story about Ms. Barton illustrates the horrors of war. At...

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