Can the novel Appoinment in Samara be compared and contrasted with the story "God Father Death"?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is possible to compare the themes of fate versus free will in both of these tales. Godfather Death deals with the doctor's inability to comply with Death's rules on who can be saved from dying, and who must die. The doctor believes that because Death is his godfather, that he will not be punished.He tempts fate, or exercises his own free will, and saves one who is supposed to die. The doctor does not suffer the consequences of his rebellious act-and in this way, cheats death, and so it gives him the confidence to break the agreement again. This time, Death comes for him. Although he attempts to trick his way out of the situation, Death seals his fate.

In Appointment in Samarra, the title comes from a legend about a man who has a brush with Death, and cheats it. He leaves for Samarra to avoid death, yet Death meets him there. The actual tale features Julian, who repeatedly tempts fate with his drinking binges. Repeatedly, his drinking almost costs him his business and his marriage, but each time he escapes true repercussions, he chooses to imbibe again. In the end, there is nothing left for him, and his suicide can be seen as Death coming for him.

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