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Compare and contrast the Progressive and Democratic Parties. For example, Bull Moose Party. basically explain the platform.

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The Progressive Party formed in 1912 and sought to correct social ills and remove the influence of powerful lobbies and trusts. Progressives were in favor early forms of social security, disability pay and minimum wage laws. They were in favor of early women’s rights such as suffrage, capital gains taxes, publishing campaign contributions and registering lobbyists. The party was not very long lived, only staying a politically viable institution for around a decade after which they were absorbed by the Republican party.

The Democratic party was formed in 1828 by Andrew Jackson. The modern party is also socially liberal, like the Progressive party, and tends to be sympathetic towards women’s rights and social services like disability and unemployment. They are also in favor of tax code reforms and more transparency in elections. The Democratic party is still in existence today and has placed 15 presidents into the White House.

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