Compare and contrast Pip and Estella in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.    

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The thing that Pip and Estella most have in common is their background. Both have humble origins; Pip is an orphan raised by his sister and her blacksmith husband, whereas both of Estella's parents were convicts. The difference, however, is that Estella remains blissfully unaware of her true parentage for many years and therefore feels entitled to treat those from the lower orders like Pip with haughtiness and contempt.

When Pip comes into some money through the good offices of Abel Magwitch, he too is able to escape his humble origins. But like Estella, he cannot escape them for long. When Abel Magwitch is apprehended by the authorities, Pip is no longer able to live the life of a young gentleman about town and so must return, with his tail between his legs, to live with Joe Gargery and his new wife in their humble cottage on the Romney Marshes.

As for poor old Estella, when her scandalous origins are revealed, her dreams of being a lady of quality are immediately dashed. With both Miss...

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