Compare and contrast Othello and Iago in Othello by Shakespeare.

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Othello and Iago are both soldiers. They've served bravely in the service of Venice and have risen through the ranks despite their outsider status. This is no mean feat given that Venice is a rigidly hierarchical society in which blood and breeding count for an awful lot.

Othello is an outsider due to the color of his skin, whereas Iago is an outsider due to his relatively low social status. But whereas Othello has transcended his outsider status to a considerable extent, having risen to the rank of general in the Venetian Army, Iago remains on the periphery of society. Unable to rise above the rank of a non-commissioned officer, Iago is bitter at society and wants to get back at it in any way he can.

In fact, Iago is so bitter at being passed over for promotion that he deliberately sets out to destroy the man who's supposed to be his master, the man he doesn't believe is entitled to enjoy the kind of glittering military career which he himself thinks he deserves.

So Iago is deeply...

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