Compare and contrast the native relations of each group after the England and France solidified thier colonial empires? Who had a strong alliance and why?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In North America the relationship between the English and the French with the native people are quite different, and related to land use.

The English came to America to settle, clear land, conduct agriculture, and make the land their servant.  This ideology lies in stark contrast to the attitudes of the indigenous population regarding the use of land.  The idea of "owning" land was a foreign concept to the natives.  This cultural clash led to hostilities amongst the two groups.

Conversely, the main economic focus of the French in America was fur trapping and trading.  There was no need to tame the land or alter it in any way.  While the French did have some settlements, their use of the land was in no way as radical to the natives as the English.  It was not uncommon for French men to marry natives thus cementing the bonds between the two cultures.

It is not surprising, that when the French and Indian War broke out that the majority of the Native Americans aligned themselves with the French.