Compare and contrast "morality" and "ethics."

mkcapen1 | Student

Morality is directed by a societies social norms.  It is a human response to issues that are pleasing or not pleasing to a social group as a whole.  For example, one group may find it immoral for a daughter and her husband to sleep in the same bedroom as their parents.  Another group may find that socially acceptable.  Morality is the conduct of a person or society based on social mores.

Ethics are the way in which one makes decisions relative to standards as well as morals.  Ethics is based on philosophy and how man takes the moral codes, religious beliefs, laws, and personal goals and applies them when making decisions in life.  Ethical decisions are no always derived on the law or morals.  For example, a person may know that the law says not to steal, but he finds it ethically wrong to allow his children to starve to death.  He breaks the law by stealing food for his children.  Ethics are like an inner conscience that guides individuals.