Compare and contrast Max and Kevin in Freak the Mighty.

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Physically and emotionally, Kevin and Max are polar opposites, but when the two boys are attached, they combine to become Freak the Mighty. Kevin is a tiny boy, hindered physically by a growth condition that has kept him in and out of hospitals and restricts his ability to walk except with braces. However, he is highly intelligent and incredibly upbeat about his unusual life. He lives with his mother, Gwen (affectionately dubbed Gwen the Fair after Queen Guinevere), next door to Max. Max is incredibly big for his size, quiet and highly introverted with few or no friends--until he meets Kevin. Like Kevin, he comes from a dysfunctional family, living with his grandparents, and we eventually come to learn that there are several dark secrets in his past. Both boys quickly discover that Kevin can move much faster if he is carried by Max, so Kevin spends most of his time on Max's shoulders. Together, they work as a perfect tandem: Kevin's weight is no problem for Max; Kevin can see better from his high perch, an asset for both; and with Kevin's intelligence and Max's size, their alliance as Freak the Mighty is helpful to them both.

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