Compare and contrast management with database management. What are the key requirements for each?  How would your organization manage the data? What kind of database maybe used?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Management in general refers to the proper use of all types of resources available to an organization so that efficiency can be increased. Database management is a part of management in general.

Database management refers to the storage, access and analysis of data that accompanies the operations of the organization. Some instances of data management that can lead to a large increase in profits for the organization are the management of information about seats occupied and available in an airline, availability of rooms in a hotel, location, time of arrival, and size of goods being transported by a logistics provider, etc.

Modern database management makes use of relational database systems implemented using software. It is essential to secure the data so that access is restricted, this prevents data from being stolen and used for activities that could harm the clients of the organization. Data management tools also make access and analysis of data easier so that it can be used to make appropriate decisions rapidly.