Compare and contrast the main conflict and resolution of Oscar Castro Z's "Lucero" and Lady Gregory's "The Rising of the Moon."

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Oscar Castro Z's "Lucero" and Lady Gregory's "The Rising of the Moon" are very different texts. "Lucero" is a short story which offers readers a simplistic and straightforward story about a man and his horse. "The Rising of the Moon," a play by Lady Gregory, is a political play which symbolically discusses the struggle between England and Ireland. 

The texts do contain one stark similarity--a character, or characters, must identify what his or her duty is as a honest human being. In the case of "Lucero," Ruben Olmos must push his horse off of the side of a cliff because he does not have the right of way on a steep cliff (which only one man and horse can pass). As for "The Rising of the Moon," the Irishmen depicted in the text must come to realize their sense of duty to their own country. 

The texts, through, differ greatly in regards to almost everything else. "Lucero" is a very simplistic text. Emotions are essentially ignored, and Ruben must do what must be done based only upon the law of the land. "The Rising of the Moon," on the other hand, illustrates the importance of emotions. The emotions of the sergeant are of the utmost importance since they (his emotions) change how the story comes to play out. 

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