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Compare and contrast life in the two mead halls, Heorot in Beowulf and Camelot in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in a graphic organizer. I can write essays fine, I just cannot understand most literary works from the Middle Ages. Please help me? Thanks!(: I need to include similarities and differences for the folllowing:   What was the appearance of both the halls?: Entertainment of both the halls?: Who was present/who was absent at both halls?: What was the mood/atmosphere of both the halls?:

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In both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Beowulf, the main halls are places of community and celebration. While both welcome visitors, the two halls are very different in structure and function, as described below. In preparing your graphic organizer, note similarities and differences.

In Gawain's tale, Camelot is in the midst of Christmas celebrations. Everyone is dressed in their best clothing.  There is caroling and a great deal of laughter. During the day the celebration can be heard clearly; at night there is much dancing. The knights take part in sporting events, such as jousting, and it is a joyous place.

This king lay at Camelot upon Christmas tides 
With many loyal lords, lads of the best, 
Renowned of the Round Table all those rich brethren, 
With rich revel aright and reckless mirth. 
There tourneyed troopers by times full many, 
Jousted full jollily these gentle knights, 
Then came to the court carols to make, 
For there the feasting was the same for a full fifteen...

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This helped alot!!!! American school british literature can be difficult!