Compare and contrast Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo's character, and did education play a part in it?

mkcapen1 | Student

Leonardo DaVinci was a gentle man who was one of the most magnificent of painters that ever existed.  He was also a scientist, inventor, and philosopher.  He hated violence but assisted his government by designing weapons for war.  he was a vegetarian.

Leonardo did not have the benefit of an early education.  He was an illegitimate son of a notary and a peasant woman.  At five he went to live with his father and was raised by him, his grandparents and his wife.  His father remarried after the death of his wife and she too died.  He married again.  At 14 Leonardo became an apprentice painter to Verrocchio. He studied under the guidance of the artists and learn many skills.  He and the artists remained friends.  Leonardo's natural curiosity led him to study anatomy and develop detailed sketches of the human body, skeleton, and muscles.

Michelangelo was a rival to Leonardo.  He too was a talented painter.  He also was a sculptor, poet, and engineer.  Michelangelo was born to a family lie of bankers.  His family raised him in Florence, Italy.  His mother was very ill, and he lived with a stone cute and his wife for a period.  His mother died when he was seven. 

Like Leonardo, Michelangelo was also apprenticed out.  He worked with Ghirlandaio who eventually began to pay him as an artist.  He later attended a Humanist Academywhere he studied art.  Michelangelo was not only a painter but he also knew how to get his items sold.  Once he buried a statue to make it look more like an antique.  He painted mainly for religious clientele. 

One of the biggest differences between Michelangelo and Leonardo seems to lie in regards to ambition.  Leonardo seemed more interested in art for art's sake where Michelangelo was a man who also likes wealth and notoriety.  He was also believed to have been a homosexual who put some of his eroticism in his art and sculptures. 

 Eduacation probably was not really needed by Leonardo.  He was a natural curious man whose skills emerged through curiosity and talent.  I believe that both men held talent and would have emerged to be as popular as they became irregardless of education.