Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

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Compare and contrast the leadership styles and philosophies of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, Martin L. King Jr, and Malcolm X

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Several issues arise when trying to compare the leadership styles of these men. One is that they operated in their own unique contexts. The other is that many of them—DuBois in particular—changed their minds over the course of their lives. That said, both DuBois and Martin Luther King advocated and practiced direct action in resisting white supremacy in the South and throughout the nation. DuBois, like King, advocated non-violent resistance. Both men believed that while violent resistance was self-defeating and immoral, blacks should not accept the status quo of Jim Crow. DuBois died at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, having moved to Ghana, in 1963. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two men in terms of leadership style and philosophies is the centrality of Christian faith to King's message and tactics. King was, of course, a minister, and DuBois was not really a man of faith. He was, rather, a scholar. So where King led with inspirational speeches delivered in the...

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