Compare and contrast "The Lamb" and "The Tyger" written by William Blake.themes, motives, real life experience of william blake that may impact on his work

justaquestion | Student

"The Tyger's" poem starts by asking it what kind of divine being could have created it and in "The Lamb" poem it starts by asking it about its origins as well.

The speaker in "The Lamb" is a child.

The Tyger is born from fire in “The Tyger” poem.

In "The Tyger" poem asks many rhetorical questions, but doesn't answer them, such as --> how could the creator create such a horrific scary thing? could the creator who created a lamb create a tyger? All of these questions are about the wisdom of God. Like why did God create Good and Evil?

You can think of both poems as a contradictory to one another, or somehow one of them is critical “The Tyger” and the other is joyful and praising “The Lamb”