Compare and contrast Julia and Winston. How does each rebel against the party? Are these rebellions at alll effective? Discuss.

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The most evident answer to me is that both of their acts of rebellion fail because they both renounce one another when caught.  From this point, one can see that their acts of rebellion end up having the same effect.  Renunciation through torture in which the other is sacrificed becomes the sum total of their voice of dissent.  They both start out as different.  Winston harbors private anger and resentment towards Big Brother, but lacks an outlet to voice his discontent.  Julia acts as an agent of the party in her support of abstinence, but secretly enjoys sex.  When they both merge, both literally and figurative, it is a realm where private emotions and actions are public resistance.  Their relationship is private, but in this condition, it is also highly public.  In the end, this is what ends up causing the other to renounce the other.  The statement that is derived is that in a government where there is no institutional check or limitation and where encroachment is the modus operandi, resistance and dissent faces an uphill climb and might even result in individual futility.

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