Compare and contrast Islam with Christianity and Judaism.Can you please tell me what are the biggest differences and what do they have in common?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some major things that these three religions have in common are:

  • They are all monotheistic, believing in one God
  • They all trace their roots to Abraham
  • They all hold what Christians call the Old Testament to be sacred

But they have some major differences:

  • Judaism believes only in the Old Testament, Christianity adds the New Testament.  Islam believes both are inspired but also believes the Koran is inspired
  • Only Christianity believes in the Trinity and in the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Jews do not hold Jesus in any special regard.  Muslims see him as an important prophet.
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are some points to consider:

1. They all are religions of a "book." They have sacred scriptures, but they have different scriptures in the final analysis, even if there is some overlap.

2. They all believe in one God, but they differ in that God.

3. The chief area of difference is in their view of Jesus. For the Jew, he is one of the prophets. For the Muslim, he is also one of the prophets. For the Christian, he is God. That is the chief difference and probably the most important one.

r10 | Student

christians believe that Jesus is the god or the son of god, but muslims believe he was a messenger of god, like prophet mohammad etc.

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