Compare and contrast Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.    

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I teach comparative religions and so see what a huge question this is. How do we begin, when even within themselves, these important religions carry so many contradictions and iterations?  But to speak in broad strokes, as noted above, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can be categorized together because they share a common root in Judaism. All three revere Abraham and Moses and trust the Hebrew Bible as the word of God. Christians believe Jesus is the fulfillment of messianic prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, while Muslims believe that Muhammed is God's final prophet and bearer of the ultimate word of truth.

Buddha was Indian and Buddhism roots in Hindu concepts, such as trying to achieve nirvana. Both faiths emphasize that a person with the most developed spiritual consciousness  cares about the wider world and the rest of humanity to the largest extent and tries to serve humanity. Hindus believe that all religions are different paths up the same mountain, and even within Hinduism, they...

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