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Compare and contrast the influence their parents had on Eveline, Polly, and Jimmy from Dubiners by James Joyce.  How would each of the following characters react if they were in Mr. Doran’s position in “The Boarding House”: Jimmy Doyle, Lenehan, Corley?

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Dubliners is a compliation of short stories by James Joyce. Each story has its own plot and reflects an issue that Joyce had become familiar with whilst growing up in Dublin, Ireland.

Polly, from The Boarding House, lives with her mother, a woman of questionable morals but a singular purpose - to improve her daughter's chances of a brighter future than her own. Mrs Mooney realizes the bad influence her husband has on his children, especially when he chases her with a meat cleaver. She manages to arrange a separation through the church - divorce was illegal at the time for Catholics. Her boarding house provides sufficiently for the family and Mrs Mooney even removes Polly from her typist job due to her father's uninvited interference.

Despite the "catholic" influence, Polly is given "the run of the young men" as her mother watches from the sidelines, waiting for someone of some worth but "none of them meant business" until Bob Doran. It is Polly herself who almost seduces Doran but her mother's encouragement, whilst subtle, is there and Doran is "persuaded" or rather, manipulated, into agreeing to marry Polly - to save her apparent reputation. Polly then is most certainly influenced by her mother and, seemingly, saved from her father's abusive tendencies.

Eveline, from Eveline , fondly remembers her childhood, much like any other, with a strict, temperamental father but nonetheless, her early childhood seems " to have been rather happy then." Unfortunately her mother dies and her father's violent nature intensifies and he threatens not only her brothers but her to the point that she has decided to leave "home." She knows her life has been hard and she has had to fulfill all her mother's duties but compared to the unknown...

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