compare and contrast industrialism in lowell and Cincinnati?Thanks alot for your help.

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Cincinnati was a more significant industrial city. It is a perfect example of an urban area focused on specifically factories. I believe it was textiles, but definitely other industries as well. The textiles are something that both cities have in common.
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Cincinnati became a manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution. Many Appalachian boys from the South ent to Ohio to work in the factories. Lowell was a mill town and specialized in textile production.

I hope this is helpful in giving you some background on the two cities.

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I must admit I know very little about industrialism in these places but as no one else has replied yet I can give you some ideas of how to compare and contrast. I assume you have some of the information in a textbook or something or if not you can find some sources on the net. What you need to do then is read through the information and identify areas of similarity and also areas of difference. In what ways was industrialism different? In what ways was it the same? Was it quicker in one, for example? Why was that? What was the catalyst for the industrialism in both of these places? Just some questions to get you started. Hope it helps!