The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

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Compare and contrast Henry, Wilson, and Jim in The Red Badge of Courage. What does each character seem to represent? How is Henry different from any other character?

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HENRY FLEMING (The Quiet Soldier).  In the beginning of the novel, Henry questions his own courage and wonders how he will react when he is in combat for the first time. Will he run or will he stand and fight is a dilemma that he cannot answer for himself until the time actually comes. He yearns for his first battle so his own personal doubts can be quickly answered. Sure enough, Henry "skedaddles" when the Confederates overrun his regiment's position, but his guilt haunts him during his temporary hiatus. He is so ashamed of the cowardice that he displays that he swears to make amends if he gets a second chance. He rejoins his regiment, and his fellow soldiers assume that the injury he has received is an honorable one. With his secret safe, Henry displays true courage at the next opportunity. He is hailed as a hero by his commanding officer, but Henry knows better. He still feels guilt until he reveals the truth to Wilson. His sin...

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