Compare and/ or contrast Guy Montag and Captain Beatty. I need some help writing an essay. I need help writing a thesis, and need help picking three main points as my body paragraphs. Any suggestion is welcome. Please help. Thanks.  

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Your question is a little vague as to what you specifically want to know, but I guess that you want three points of comparison between Montag and Beatty, so that is what I will give you.  You can develop your thesis perhaps from that.  One of the most obvious comparisons is that both men work for the Fire Department. Montag is a fireman and Beatty is his Captain there.  Another point of comparison is the view of books each seems to hold.  Montag is just becoming aware of books and all the wonder and information they hold.  Beatty appears to be very well read and informed because he frequently quotes books.  Beatty seems to use his knowledge of books to show how inconsistent they are and how misleading they are.  In other words, Beatty uses his knowledge to show why books are harmful.  Montag is on the opposite end of that - he sees that books hold answers and that books can help them become better people.  A third point of comparison is the view that the two men have of their society.  Montag begins, with Clarisse's question, "Are you happy?" to see that he is not happy.  He sees how shallow and meaningless their society is.  He realizes, as he reads more and understands more, that the people have become robotic and colorless.  On the surface, Beatty seems to like their society and believe it to be superior to societies of the past.  But, after Montag kills him, Montag notes that "Beatty wanted to die."  That makes it seem that Beatty's rhetoric to Montag was an attempt to convince himself of the value of their world as much as it was an attempt to convince Montag.

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