Please compare and contrast the government of ancient Rome with the government of the United States. 

Expert Answers
Jacob Christiansen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ancient Rome had, in many ways, a very similar government to what we have in the United States. Generally it is thought that the ancient Roman government also had three branches. The same three, in fact, as we do here in the United States: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial (although the Judicial branch is the most disputed of the three). Checks and balances were in place between these branches, just like in the United States. In the Roman government, the head of the executive branch had military duties, just like how our President serves as Commander in Chief.  

One difference would be that in ancient Roman government, a dictator could be appointed to run the whole government for six months. This would happen in extreme and dangerous circumstances, like a war. Another difference would be the term limits. Many of the Roman representatives served only one-year terms. In the United States, representatives serve a two, four, or six year term. Also of note, Roman leaders had religious duties. By contrast, the United States stands by the separation of religion and government.