The Persian Gulf War Questions and Answers

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Compare and contrast the first Gulf War to the wars in the Balkans of the 1990s. How do they differ in their nature, and what role did the US play in each?

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Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (the former referring to the six month period of time during which the United States and its partners tried to negotiate with Iraq while preparing for the initiation of military actions intended to liberate Kuwait and the latter the actual military operations against Iraq) and Operations Deliberate Force and Noble Anvil (the respective code names for military operations during the two major Balkans conflicts of the 1990s involving Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo) differed greatly in a number of ways. The mission to liberate Kuwait following Iraq’s August 1990 invasion obviously occurred in the Middle East and involved a coalition of nations from both within and outside the region. There were clear lines separating combatants, as Iraq’s invasion involved the deliberate crossing of internationally-recognized borders (though Iraq’s main grievance involved an ongoing dispute regarding the demarcation of oil drilling rights between it and...

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