Compare and contrast figures!Write a Mel-CON (Main Idea, Evidence, Link, Evidence, Link, Evidence, Link, Conclusion) paragraph that clearly compares and contrasts SIMILAR & CONGRUENT figures.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Similar figures are figures that have the same shape but are only different in size.  Two triangles are similar even if one is bigger than the other.  Congruent figures are the same size and the same shape.  This would be two different triangles that you could stack on top of one another and there would be complete overlap with nothing sticking out.  Basically, it is an exact copy of the same shape.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Congruent figures are one type of similar figure.  Similar figures have the same shape.  Their sides have the same proportions to one another.  In that way, a square with sides of 2 cm is similar to a square with sides of 4 cm.  Congruent figures, on the other hand, must be exactly alike   A square with sides of 2 cm is only congruent to another square with sides of 2 cm.

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najm1947 | Student

Similar figures are those that have the same shape but different size whereas the congruant figure have the same shape and size. Mathematically, in SIMILAR figures there are same corresponding angles but lengths of sides are increased or decreased in the same ratio. This is like looking at the smaller figure through a magnifying glass to get the larger figure. In comparison to SIMILAR figures, the size becomes identical in the CONGRUENT figures. In addition to angles, the corresponding lengths of the sides are also the same. You place one on the top of the other and they become just one figure - such figures are called to be CONGRUENT, but one does not get this property in SIMILAR figures.

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