Compare and contrast Eckels and Travis in "A Sound of Thunder."

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The only similarity between Eckels and Travis is their feeling of awe towards the dinosaurs. Travis, for example, calls the dinosaur his "Royal Majesty," suggesting that he feels respect towards it. Similarly, for Eckels, being in the presence of a dinosaur and being able to hunt it represents the ultimate challenge.

In every other respect, Eckels and Travis are very different people. Eckels, for example, is a thrillseeker. He is trying to recapture his youth by hunting a dinosaur. In contrast, Travis is a cautious man who wants everybody to obey the rules. He realizes how dangerous it can be if those on safari do not listen to his instructions. Note, for example, his reaction when Eckels starts aiming his weapon for fun.

“Stop that!” said Travis. “Don’t even aim for fun, blast you! If your guns should go off—”

The fact that Eckels messes around with his weapon demonstrates another key difference between the men: Eckles takes this activity far less seriously than Travis.


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