Compare and Contrast "The Earthquake in Chile" to "Romeo and Juliet"Compare and Contrast "The Earthquake in Chile" to "Romeo and Juliet"

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The story "The Earthquake in Chile" is about young lovers who have had their love rejected by society, as in Romeo and Juliet.  While both are suffering as the story opens, they have already been separated.  Josephine is scheduled to be beheaded for having a baby, because her father sent her to a convent to keep her away from Jeronimo.  Jeronimo is in prison about the hang himself because of Josephine with the Earthquake hits.  Thus, there is an ending for the lovers planned similar to that in "Romeo and Juliet" but the earthquake interrupts it, and the lovers escape. Unfortunately their desire to forgive those who condemned them does not work out, and in the end they meet a tragic fate after all.