Compare and contrast the government and economics of early Greek and Roman cultures.

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Because Greece is divided by mountain ranges which limit trade and communication by land, the most distinctive feature of the area we now call Greece is that it formed city states or poleis (singular: polis ) consisting of fortified urban centers and surrounding agricultural areas divided from other city-states by mountains. Also important geographically is that mainland Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, which is filled with islands. This made the Greek-speaking peoples focused on maritime trade and colonization. Greek city-states and trading posts flourished in Ionia (on the coast of what is now Turkey), many islands in the Aegean sea, and even Sicily (a large island south of Italy). There really was no such thing as "Greece" in antiquity, only city-states inhabited by Greek-speaking peoples which were just as likely to fight wars against each other as to ally against common enemies. Different city-states had different political systems ranging from kingdoms to oligarchies,...

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